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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Humbird is over 150 years old, and one can only imagine what this historic building has recorded into it's walls and foundations over that time. Built in 1869, this property has always been a hotel and bar, but in the Fall of 1873, the village was overtaken by small-pox and the building was made into a makeshift hospital for those infected.

Some of the paranormal activity that has been documented over the years by guests and staff includes:

  • In the north section of the hotel a nurse has been seen holding what appears to be a tray or towels. This sounds like it could be related to when the building was used as a smallpox hospital during an outbreak in the town in the Fall of 1873.

  • Ghostly children have been seen and heard in the north wing area. Two children have been documented as dying of small-pox whilst housed in the building during the towns epidemic.

  • A ghostly apparition which stands at the top of the stairs looking down.

  • A spirit of a lady has been seen sitting in a chair at the end of the upstairs south corridor, that faces a window overlooking the railway line. It is believed by some that she is waiting for someone to arrive on the train.

  • One of the smaller hotel rooms has what's known as 'The Creeper'. A shadow figure that has been seen crawling along the ceiling and walls.

  • EVP's have been recorded upstairs in the hotel, as well as in the bar.

  • Voices heard in the basement.

Since Elizabeth and Matt moved into the property in July 2023 they have paranormal occurences on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis.

On Halloween 2023 our first Team H Adventures private ghost hunt event took place, the first of many more to come.



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